McDonald’s Logo Design


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  1. Describe the target audience for this design:
    Some who likes Take-away food.
  2. Name a design element that the designer has used:
    Size and Colour
  3. Explain how this design element relates to the target audience:
    They used bright colours and the ‘M’ is big so it will stand out.
  4. Name one design principle the designer has used:
    They could have used contrast.
  5. Explain how this design principle makes the design effective:
    It is effective because they are two bold colours and have put them together.
  6. Is the design symmetrically balanced:
    No it is not evenly balanced.
  7. Explain how the design is balanced or not balanced:
    It is not evenly balanced because of the word in the middle of the logo is longer on one side and not the other.
  8. Is the logo easily recognisable by the company’s target audience:
    Yes it is easily recognised by the companies target audience because if you see the big ‘M’ most people will know it will be McDonald’s and they have stores all around the world.
  9. If it is a yes to Q.8, what has the designer done to achieve this:
    They have made their products for what people likes and always have different stock in.
  10. If no to Q.8, what COULD the designer have done to achieve this:
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