Image sourced from; the target audience for



Image sourced from;

  1. Describe the target audience for this design:
    People that like coffees and other types of drinks.
  2. Name a design element that the designer has used:
    They have used different shapes and patterns.
  3. Explain how this design element relates to the target audience:
    The company that designed the logo used different types of shapes and patterns which can make them stand out.
  4. Name one design principle the designer has used:
    They have used balance.
  5. Explain how this design principle makes the design effective:
    Because on each side it is even and the picture in the middle is a split image if you put a line through it.
  6. Is the design symmetrically balanced:
    I would think yes.
  7. Explain how the design is balanced or not balanced:
    It is evenly balanced because it you put a line down the middle of it you will spilt the picture in half and both sides will be the same.
  8. Is the logo easily recognisable by the company’s target audience:
    Yes, it is well known. It is big overseas and there are a couple of them in Melbourne and when most people see this logo they know what it means.
  9. If it is a yes to Q.8, what has the designer done to achieve this:
    They might make good food and drinks and people like it so they keep coming back.
  10. If no to Q.8, what COULD the designer have done to achieve this:
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