Apple Logo Analysis


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  1. Describe the target audience for this design:
    Some who is interested in technology and likes their product.
  2. Name a design element that the designer has used:
    The shape of the logo is an apple.
  3. Explain how this design element relates to the target audience:
    When people think of the brand apple they also think of the apple that you can eat.
  4. Name one design principle the designer has used:
  5. Explain how this design principle makes the design effective:
    Balance because it is fairly even and harmony because it has a texture colour.
  6. Is the design symmetrically balanced:
    Yes it is fairly balanced.
  7. Explain how the design is balanced or not balanced:
    It is balances because it you put the leaf in the “bite” part of the apple and draw a line down the middle of the whole apple it will be even on each side.
  8. Is the logo easily recognised by the company’s target audience:
    Yes it is.
  9. If it is a yes to Q.8, what has the designer done to achieve this:
    They have lots of products that could be of good quality and most people like them.
  10. If no to Q.8, what COULD the designer have done to achieve this?             


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